Industrial Long Goods Carousel System

Industrial Heavy Duty Vertical Carousel for Long Goods

(250/500/1000 (KG) per shelve)

Vertical Carousel is a high density storage machine to save space and increase productivity by delivering parts to the operator. Long bar vertical carousel are designed to store long types of goods like metal bar, long pipes, aluminium bars, long rolled goods and etc. Each shelves in vertical carousel can store goods up to 1000 KG.

Good Reasons for change

Low Height Racking System and too much storage space used

Low height racking system are built for easy access to long goods, retrieving of long goods from higher tier typically requires ladders or forklift. Higher racking prone to be more dangerous as higher risk of falling goods. To store large amount of long goods uses huge storage spaces and don't forget that you will require walking space in between racking.

Manpower used for retrieving long goods

Two manpower are usually required for retrieving of long goods from higher tier of racking. Both worker are deployed at both end of racking for the retrieving process preventing damaging of the item. Using Long Bar vertical carousel rotate long goods to the operator.

You are paying for your airspace

Unable to fully utilized airspace of your production area, racking unable to built up high for safety reasons, walking space required between racking and messy operations. Long bar vertical carousel resolve these issues, being able to customize height and width of machine it can be deployed anywhere in the production area using minimum footprint.

Implementing Changes for Productivity, Workplace safety and Increase Storage Space

It is not an easy task to implement changes for business and however every small changes makes a huge different in streamlining business. (Always stay positive and target the problems)

Here are some of the points for considerations:

  • Understand your functional processes, time used for each processes (Processes that can be eliminated?)

  • Space used for your current operation (Moving to bigger warehouse for expansion?)

  • Employees opinions

  • Engage solution provider for discussions (How can they assist you? At what cost? ROI? Potential Benefits? How the products benefits your business?)

  • Measure and compare current and proposed solutions risk

  • Widen your viewing angles for changes

Got questions and you don't see the answer? Shoot us an email to and we are happy to help.

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