Are You Ready? Industry 4.0 (The right equipment)

Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of manufacturing using technologies such as smart equipment, big data/ analytics or any other innovation devices/robotics where it can be interconnected. The ideal of Smart operation or smart factory focusing on IoT (Internet of things) require the convergence of Information Technology and operational technology for monitoring manufacturing processes, production optimization, process improvement and automation. (Intelligent object networking and independent process management)

Smart Equipment (Hardware):

Our Vertical Lift Module and Vertical Carousel can be integrated to WMS/ERP and with our E-MAX smart storage software, customers able to perform multiple picking operation, view goods transactions, security control, stock count and location of goods. We provide API for customers to implement in their in-house software.

Some of the examples with our Vertical Lift Module and Vertical Carousel can help in Industry 4.0 implementation (It depends on how solution provider customized the entire use cases)

#1 Automated Stock Re-ordering. (Once system identify critical stock, system can auto trigger stock up process)

#2 Automated picking/loading operation (Deploy robotics for picking/loading operations)

#3 Automated troubleshooting (Auto-calibration, error reporting and etc)

#4 Monitoring process (Transaction histories)

#5 Business intelligence (Identifying trend, daily operation picking rate, monthly picking rate and etc)

We love to hear your requirement and provide our best solutions to your needs.

Contact us @ +6569093898


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