Ways to Improve Picking and Packing Operations

Common Warehouse Layout and operations

1. Operators unpack goods received from supplier and transport goods to storage area.

2. Using forklift as a transport tool from receiving area, storage area and towards Packing Zone

3. Operators then go according to packing list and pack goods for outgoing.

4. During high peak period, overall operation can be messy with limited walking space.

5. Operators doing stock taking at packing zone and storage zone.

Issues that may occurs

1. Employee's Safety (Prolong climbing and picking activities)

2. Space required for forklift

3. Manual asset tracking is time consuming

4. High incident rate

5. Always shortage of manpower

6. Unable to process more orders (space limitations, manpower, daily shipping quantity and etc..)

Picking, storing and asset counting made easy (Vertical Carousel)

1. Goods that are stored at an unreachable height, operators can command vertical carousel to rotate goods to operator without the needs of using forklift or ladders.

2. Packing of goods according to packing list made easy and can be done on the go. Operators can use trolley and pick required goods from vertical carousel

3. Integration with WMS and inventory control, staff can track goods easily without the need of manual counting. (Future ready your operation such as automated ordering of goods and etc...)

4. Ease employees workload with eliminating redundancy processes. (climbing, stock takes, driving forklift)

5. Employees skill and knowledge development (Re-tuning business process, collect feedback from employees and etc) Build towards a more efficient warehouse operations.

6. Lower warehouse incident rate

7. Preparation for business expansion (More storage space, simplify orders process, save time and asset tracking)

Do You Know?

Vertical Carousel can custom build to available ceiling height and quantities of good stored are comparable to traditional racking.

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