What is Vertical Carousel?

Smart Automated Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel provides the automated solutions with numbers of rotating carriers by delivering parts to the operator using goods to person method. Vertical carousels can custom build to the height of the available air space of the warehouse and automating the storage and retrieval process eliminating the use of forklifts.

# 1 Easy access & productivity

Retrieving of goods become simple, safe and time efficient, Operators can simply rotate the carriers using control panel.

#2 Stock inventory accuracy

Asset tracking on multiple location in a warehouse can be a painful process, carousel can integrate with inventory control software or WMS for easier and manageable stock takes.

#3 Improve Safety

Minimize staffs injuries and reduce operator fatigues, vertical carousels facilitates the picking and retrieval process without the needs of the operator bending and lifting of heavy components for long hours. Eliminating the use of forklifts and ladders for parts stored on higher racks.

#4 Maximize production space

Vertical carousel uses small footprint and available air space for goods storage. Typically 7-8 racks of goods can be store in a single carousel or even more depending on the goods size and carousel height. Saving at least 80% of the production floor area,

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