Overhead Tyre Storage

Overhead Storage System is a motorized system bolted into the ceilings that utilize free air space to store and retrieve goods of various widths, diameters, and sizes which free up the aisles .It is equipped with an Electronic Control that allow the system to bring the inventory down to floor level for easy retrieval and prevent ergonomics injuries cause by climbing , bending or stretching .The simplicity and modular design of the overhead storage system offer flexibility for usage in conjunction with most storage system.

The Benefits

  • Fully utilize floor area for other activities

  • Eliminate climbing activities 

  • Easy access to tyres with a push of a button

  • Safer working environment

  • No need for complete remodel of business space for storage, this can serve as an add-on 

How does it work?

The Applications

  • Bolted to Ceiling 

  • Control Switch for commanding carrier

  • Loading/Unloading become convenient

    • Store 24 tires with the eight foot long, model LT-1008​

    • Store 36 tires with the twelve foot long, model LT-1009

    • Store 48 tires with the sixteen foot long, model LT-1010

Strong and Reliable Motor

8 Feet Model (2438 mm spec)

  • Lifting overall capacity up to 1000 kg

  • Fast and stable rotation speed

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