Industrial Storage Containers

We provides wide selections of industrial storage containers. Our heavy duty storage products are stackable and durable. These containers are suitable for all industries. 

Industrial Storage Bins

Model: SIS-ISB-0113

EXT: (L) 445mm x (W) 218mm (H) 180mm

INT: (L) 425mm x (W) 198mm (H) 175mm

Model: SIS-ISB-0131

EXT: (L) 405mm x (W) 220mm (H) 175mm

INT: (L) 320mm x (W) 185mm (H) 165mm

Model: SIS-ISB-0130

EXT: (L) 250mm x (W) 150mm (H) 125mm

INT: (L) 210mm x (W) 130mm (H) 120mm

Model: SIS-ISB-9002

EXT: (L) 345mm x (W) 210mm (H) 200mm

INT: (L) 310mm x (W) 185mm (H) 180mm

Model: SIS-ISB-1188

EXT: (L) 350mm x (W) 190mm (H) 130mm

INT: (L) 330mm x (W) 170mm (H) 115mm

Model: SIS-ISB-132

EXT: (L) 470mm x (W) 300mm (H) 175mm

INT: (L) 390mm x (W) 265mm (H) 165mm

Industrial Storage Trays

Model: SIS-IST-0138

EXT: (L) 630mm x (W) 398mm (H) 115mm

INT: (L) 590mm x (W) 360mm (H) 100mm

Model: SIS-IST-1303

EXT: (L) 645mm x (W) 410mm (H) 80mm

INT: (L) 595mm x (W) 370mm (H) 75mm

Model: SIS-IST-1303

EXT: (L) 495mm x (W) 340mm (H) 165mm

INT: (L) 460mm x (W) 300mm (H) 160mm

Model: SIS-IST-0116

EXT: (L) 598mm x (W) 398mm (H) 205mm

INT: (L) 543mm x (W) 345mm (H) 193mm

Model: SIS-IST-1022

EXT: (L) 515mm x (W) 328mm (H) 184mm

INT: (L) 462mm x (W) 290mm (H) 172mm

Model: SIS-IST-0118

EXT: (L) 530mm x (W) 400mm (H) 95mm

INT: (L) 495mm x (W) 365mm (H) 90mm

Model: SIS-IST-0106

EXT: (L) 530mm x (W) 400mm (H) 80mm

INT: (L) 495mm x (W) 365mm (H) 75mm

Model: SIS-IST-0109

EXT: (L) 580mm x (W) 330mm (H) 130mm

INT: (L) 550mm x (W) 305mm (H) 125mm

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